Provide our global customers with safe, reliable and efficient power solution

With more than 20 years rich experience in the industry, we still keep innovating to provide our customers with most advanced, reliable and efficient generators.

Through out those 20 years, we experienced changes in varies of marketing condition and technology innovation, one thing always kept in our mind is to make gen-sets with consistent quality. Our brand image built in the industry is the best prove of our pledge and will continue to innovate to provide consistent quality in very single of our products.

Aks standard open type; soundproof type; containerized generators sets fit most customers need. For countries with different standard, we are expertized to manufacture gen-sets according to parameter and requirement. We also provide customized solution, upgrading solution, accessories for different clients project.

Our team is sophisticated to support you with join our business and our team have footprint in export/service our products around globe. In anywhere your power is needed, our products will be there to get jobs done

Running a successful and consistent business with us, for more AKS information, please contact: