The 125th Canton Fair attracted worldwide attention, has come to an end on April 19, 2019. During this period, more than 60,000 exhibitors from all over the country gathered together to participate in the event. Among them, the Baifa Power (Wuxi) Ltd., with its specially designed products, the rental type soundproof diesel generating set BF-C275RS-60, marine diesel generating set BF-C188M-6, mobile lighting tower VTM7-E800 appeared at the fair, showed its rich product system, mature one-stop solution and professional pre-sale and after-sale service to domestic and international guests, welcomed customers from all over the world with vigorous spirit.

High-tech, high value-added, green and low-carbon units have gradually become the mainstream of market demand. Baifa's newly designed rental type soundproof diesel generating set BF-C275RS-60 has made the following improvements compared with the previous generation of products. On the first day of fair, it attracted many customers.

1. The whole series of soundproof unit can be hoisted on the top of the canopy.
2. The overall structure is more compact, with built-in horizontal muffler, making the noise level lower.
3. The traditional design of the air intake at the bottom of the canopy is cancelled to reduce the inhalation of dust and sundries, and increase the area of air inlet and exhaust.
4. Independent output switch canopy is designed to facilitate cable connection, especially suitable for construction and leasing scenarios.
5. The newly designed rainproof groove and seals, together with the fully plastic-sprayed canopy treatment, have higher rainproof and weather-resistant level.
6. The interior of the canopy is treated with high-efficiency flame-retardant and sound-absorbing materials.
7. On the basis of the soundproof unit, the rental type unit has added a large capacity built-in fuel tank for 24 hours

At the Canton Fair, many customers came to consult, Baifa sales engineers provided professional and detailed explanations for every customer, whether it’s the products or services, Baifa strived to make customers get 100% satisfaction.

Quality is the foundation of the enterprise. Over the past 20 years, Baifa has devoted itself to R&D, manufacturing and service in the field of power generation system, pursuing excellence and innovation. With the support of many strategic partners, all kinds of generating units designed and manufactured by Baifa have the characteristics of compact structure, high power, low fuel consumption, low emission and low failure. They are well understand in the concept of green environmental protection and have been recognized by many domestic and international customers. The development of channels is inseparable from the strong support of product quality and the unremitting efforts of Baifa people. Advocating science, standing in the times, keeping up with the trend, Baifa strictly regulates itself with perseverance of high quality and high taste, with the spirit of self-improvement and innovation, contributes its modest strength to Chinese brands to the world.