On September 11, the “ELECTRIC & POWER INDONESIA” exhibition grand opened. The exhibition exhibited by well-known enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions around the world, it is as known as the largest power expo in ASEAN and pacific region. Baifa, demonstrated with diesel generator sets BF-BD700, BF-P165S and mobile lighting tower VTM7, products series that are leading the trends of industry in ASEAN market.

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Among the G20 countries, its economic growth rate is second only to that of China and India. With amount 17508 islands in it’s boundary, has abundant fossil energy reserves such as oil, natural gas, coal in islands such as Kalimantan, Papua and etc. It is known as a big energy country in Southeast Asia. By contrast, Indonesia's backward grid construction, with 56% of the grid electricity penetration rate, means huge demand for substitute electric energy.

(Baifa, Balikbapan Indonesia 4-2000kW High Voltage black start project) credit to Baifa Indonesia distributor

(Baifa, Medan, Indonesia 5*2000Kw power station) credit to Baifa Indonesia distributor

Faced with the extensive power demand in Indonesia, Baifa highlighted the BF-BD series gensets powered by Baudouin at this exhibition. Baudouin was founded in 1903 and is known for its military and marine qualities for century. BD series gensets not only have high adaptability to low altitude, humid and hot climate environment in Indonesia, which can meet the special performance requirements of sudden load acceptance, high altitude, low temperature operation. It’s adaptability to plateau environment through the selection of supercharger, ECU intelligent control, CAE simulation technology and other means, with a wide range of applications. High-pressure common rail technology ensures low operating cost, low fuel consumption and low emission of the gensets, which is suits various applications in industry.

During the exhibition, Baifa attracted many customers with its good reputation and brand. With their professional business knowledge and enthusiastic service, the local sales managers introduced the characteristics and brand value of Baifa generator sets and light tower to domestic and foreign friends and businessmen with the exchange market information to seek ways of improving efficiency in product and system.

The exhibition is in progress. Baifa is looking forward to your arrival at booth 2016 in hall A, Jakarta expo, Indonesia. 11th-14th Sept,2019.